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Rockmybaby® Easter Newsletter!

A warm welcome to all of our new families, nannies and educators! We look forward to getting to know you and your children!

Easter is upon us at the end of the week along with the first term school holidays.   Have you and your littlies been enjoying some Easter crafts and activities recently.

Here are some ideas you might like to try!

Easy Easter Bunny or Chic Basket

Easter Fun with Rockmybaby®

Easter Fun with Rockmybaby®









You will need:

  • 2 paper plates
  • Ribbon
  • Felt tip pens
  • Glue
  • Stapler
  • White or yellow card
  • Hole punch


Cut off top of both paper plates.  This will form the ears for the bunny. For the chic basket cut a zig zagged pattern like a cracked egg.

Let your child colour and decorate his/her basket how they chose.

Glue buuny ears on and or chic to plate

Staple plates together and attach ribbon for the handle.


Paper Mache Easter Egg Piñata

This activity is a bit of a process and is best done over a few days to let the glue dry.

Easter Fun with Rockmybaby®

Easter Fun with Rockmybaby®

You will need:

  • Old newspaper
  • Paste (this can also be homemade using flour and water)
  • Balloon
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint


Blow up balloon to desired size.

Rip newspaper into small pieces and begin to paste them onto the balloon. Once you have done one layer let it dry in the sun.  Continue until you have done 4 -5 layers.

Once the glue is dry you can paint your paper mache Easter Egg

Pop balloon using a pin and fill with Easter goodies.

Hang outdoors and see who can break the egg first!

Community Events

Sunnynook, North Shore

This Thursday 17th April we will be running an awesome music and movement class at the Sunnynook Community Centre (corner of Sunnynook Road and Sycamore Drive, Sunnynook).  The class will start at 9.45 until 10.30am. All are welcome to come along.  Free for all Rockmybaby families.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Takapuna, North Shore

Join us the Thursday before Easter at Shore City in Takapuna for the Free Eggcellent Easter Egg Hunt.

An afternoon of free family fun with thousands of prizes, including 500 yummy Easter Eggs.

Start the hunt anytime from 2pm till 6pm with activities finishing at 7pm.

Central Auckland

Egg Day Out at the Auckland Domain

This year Skywork Helicopters are partnering with Equippers to host a free community-wide event for all Aucklanders to enjoy, with Easter Eggs donated by Cadbury. 

1 event 3 locations, 30,000 + Cadbury eggs, over 1000 eggs dropped at each location from a helicopter, tasty food vendors, fun & exciting activities

You are invited to join in on the festivities; happening on Friday 18th April from 11am – 2pm.

See for more info on these events.

Have a safe and happy Easter from the team at Rockmybaby® Homebased Childcare.


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Creative Christmas Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner! Below are some fun activities to keep your children entertained through out the festive season.

 Activities to try for under twos:

Felt Christmas Tree

Make a felt Christmas tree for your child to decorate.  This may take a bit of time to cut out all of the decorations and presents but will hopefully provide hours of fun for your child.

felt christmas tree

Activities to try for over twos:

 Bakers Clay Christmas Decoration

 You will need:

  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 1/2 cups warm water
  • 4 cups all purpose flour


Stir the salt into the warm water. Let cool. Add flour and knead for 8-10 minutes. For coloring the dough, add food coloring or powdered tempera paint to the salt and water – before adding the flour.

Create sculptures and bake at 325 degrees F for 30 minutes to one hour (until all the moisture is gone). Paint decorations when cool. You can also seal the completed work with a non-toxic, water-based sealer.

bakers clay

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Rockmybaby Homebased Childcare December Newsletter

This month at Rockmybaby we have had lots of fantastic Homebased Educators sign up to join our service. These Educators are located all over the Auckland area, so if you are in need of childcare contact us!  Welcome to the Nash family and their nanny Kelle and to the Golding family and their new nanny Hannah! We look forward to getting to know you and your children!

We had a very creative morning at our first Playgroup held at the Sunnynook Community Centre on Wednesday.  The children were involved in making Christmas decorations to hang on the tree and gingerbread men.  They also enjoyed reading books and exploring the many other toys at playgroup.  We have managed to secure a regular monthly spot at the Sunnynook Community Centre.  This playgroup will begin in February 2014.

Playgroup Collage

Calling all City Side Nannies and Educators.  On Wednesday 11 December we will be meeting up at Meola Reserve in Point Chevalier from 9.30am. Come down and meet some new faces and enjoy the sun!

We have a fabulous travelling toy library available to all nannies and educators.  Ask your Visiting Teacher about borrowing these resources.

Once again Christmas is nearly upon us.  Although it is a very busy time for everyone, it is a magical and favourite time of year for your littlies.

You are your children are invited to the Rockmybaby® Children’s Christmas Party. We will be providing some fun Christmas crafts and activities for your children to be involved in.  Look out for the big marque set up next to the playground.

When: Thursday 5th December from 9.30am – 11.30pm

Where: Onepoto Domain, Off Sylvan Ave, Northcote

What to bring: a $5 present (if you would like to participate in the secret Santa), your bike or scooter and morning tea.

Crafty Christmas Ideas

Make your own Christmas decorations

Peg Reindeerpeg reindeer

  • Wooden pegs
  • Red/Green felt
  • Googley eyes
  • Red fuzzy ball for nose
  • Small red balls/beads for holly berries
  • Ribbon
  • Cotton wool for tail
  • Glue gun or PVA glue

Firstly you will need to cut the felt out for the holly antlers and coat, tie the ribbon, and cut the length of hanging thread/ribbon. Next you need to glue the three pegs together, 2 to make the legs and the third the other way up to make the head. Take either the red or green felt that has been cut out for his coat and glue on. Work out where you want the eyes, add glue and put in place. Add glue for the nose and put in place. Next work out where you want the antlers to go and fix into place with glue.  Add the red beads/balls for holly berries. Take the cotton wool and choose the size you want his tail, add some glue and fix in place.  Add some glue to the ribbon and fix in place on the front of his coat. Add a small amount of glue to the top back of his ears for the hanging thread. All done! Now you can hang him on the tree!

Popsicle Christmas Treepopsicle stick tree

  • 2 large popsicle stick
  • 5 small popsicle sticks
  • green paint
  • sequins
  • pipe cleaner
  • Ribbon

To make a Popsicle Christmas tree you will first need to make sure your Popsicle sticks are clean and dry. Take your dry Popsicle sticks and paint them green to match the color of a Christmas tree. Now start with a large Popsicle stick and place it in from of you vertically (straight up and down) this will make the tree trunk. About a half of an inch from the bottom of the tree trunk you will need to apply a small amount of glue. Take a large popsicle stick and glue it horizontally (side to side) to the tree trunk this will form your bottom row of branches.  Continue adding glue and attaching branches to the trunk of the tree making sure the larges branches are on the bottom and getting smaller as you go to the top. Stop when you are about a quarter of an inch from the top. Make a star out of the gold pipe cleaner and glue this to top of the Christmas tree trunk. Now you can add several small drops of glue all over your tree branches. On these small drops of glue you will want to attach sequins, these will be your Christmas lights. Glue piece of string or ribbon to the back of your Popsicle Christmas tree and enjoy!

December Social Calendar

Sunday 24th November at 2pm – Farmers Santa Parade. Queen St, Auckland City.

Sunday 1st December – 24th December – Smith and Caughey’s ‘Santa’s Grotto’. Auckland City Centre.

Saturday 14th December Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park. Auckland Domain.

Friday 20th December – Monday 23rd December ‘The Great Christmas Caper’ show at the Bruce Mason Theatre, Takapuna.

Have a safe and happy Christmas from the team at Rockmybaby® Homebased


Rockmybaby® Homebased will be closed for only staturory holidays

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Rockmybaby Homebased Childcare Coffee Group/Playgroup

Playgroup Collage

Rockmybaby Homebased Childcare had their first Playgroup this week at the Sunnynook Community Centre! The children had a wonderful time making Christmas decorations, gingerbread men and engaging with the other children. As of February 2014 this Playgroup will be up and running on a monthly basis. All are welcome to come along!

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Rockmybaby Homebased Childcare Coffee Group

All Nannies, Educators and Families are invited to join us for our first ever coffee group.  We will be organizing some fun craft activities and games for you and your littlies to be involved in.  Morning tea will also be provided for all.handprints

When: Wednesday 20th November from 10am – 11.30pm

Where: Sunnynook Community Centre, Cnr Sunnynook Road and Sycamore Drive, Sunnynook

Contact: Any questions or queries feel free to contact Emily on 021 580 844 or

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Rockmybaby Homebased Childcare November Newsletter

Firstly we would like to say a big welcome to all our new families that have come aboard this month.  We have just completed our first month and we have been busy getting to know all our families/nannies and educators.

Emily & Rachael have been working away at getting our toy library up and running, doing lots of marketing, setting up payroll, reviewing the policies and along with Ursula and Janine putting together learning journals and our new programme manual for nannies & educators.

Referral Rewards

We are always looking for amazing educators, nannies and families to join up to the RockmyBaby Homebased Service. For the months of November and December we are offering a $100 grocery voucher to each person who sends a referral through to the Rockmybaby Homebased Service.  They must sign up to the Rockmybaby Homebased Service for at least three months to receive this voucher.

Toy Library

Our travelling Toy Library is now up and running.  This will be offered to all nannies and educators on the Rockmybaby Homebased Programme.  Lots of beautiful dress ups, wooden toys and sports kits for the children to choose from.

Coffee Group

Our first coffee group will be held on Wednesday 20th November at the Sunnynook Community Centre, from 10am – 11.30am.  We will have a range of activities set up for your littlies to enjoy and morning tea will be provided for all.  See you there!


This past month we have been reviewing the policies for the Rockmybaby Homebased Service.  A selection of policies are reviewed each quarter  – the policies we have reviewed this quarter are listed in your family & educator manual on page 14, these were Hand washing, Emergency Action, Curriculum Assessment & Planning, Child Injury and Accident, Adult injury & accident, Complaints, and Cultural Heritage policy. If you would like to be involved in this process feel free to let us know.

You and your children are invited to the Rockmybaby Children’s Christmas Party!


We will be providing some fun Christmas crafts and activities for your children to be involved in.  Look out for the big marque set up next to the playground.

When: Thursday 5th December from 9.30am – 11.30am

Where: Onepoto Domain, Off Sylvan Ave, Northcote

What to bring: a $5 present (if you would like to participate in the secret Santa), your bike or scooter and morning tea.

Please RSVP to Emily if you would like to attend. 021 580 844 or


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Hello Summer! The weather is now finally starting to warm up so now is a great time to explore the outdoors with your children!  Here are some fun activities you might like to try:

tinfoil river

Make a tin foil river and float little bottle-cap boats and rubber ducks down the river.

eye spy

Neighbourhood eye spy. Create a list together and see if you can spy these things while you explore the outdoors.

rock painting

Rock painting!  Collect some rocks from the local beach and get creative!

Groovy Green Smoothie!

A great way to get your little ones to eat spinach! Kids love the intense green colour, and you will be amazed by this deliciously fruity smoothie. Experiment with different amounts or types of fruit to make your own variation.

Ingredientsgreen smoothie

  • 1 banana, sliced
  • 150g (5 oz) green grapes
  • 1 (200g) tub vanilla yoghurt
  • 1/2 apple, cored and chopped
  • 50g (2 oz) fresh spinach leaves

Place the banana, grapes, yoghurt, apple and spinach into a blender or food processor. Cover, and blend until smooth, stopping frequently to push down anything stuck to the sides. Pour into glasses and serve.

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October Newsletter

Rockmybaby® Group is excited to be launching another new service for our clients –  Rockmybaby Homebased Childcare.

Our new homebased service is available to nannies that are employed by families and also for clients wishing to have a homebased educator. Supported by early childhood qualified visiting teachers, that provides on-going support, free educational resources, outings, playgroups along with a free toy library!

If you do have any questions, then please don’t hesitate us on 0800 567 566 or email  to discuss further.

Here are our fantastic art and heuristic play kits! One goes out to every family who sign up to the Rockmybaby homebased service!

 2013-10-02 11.29.42

 Spooky Halloween ideas, you and your children might like to try:

Spider handprints

You will need:

– Coloured card

– Black paint

-Googly eyes

-Black pen


Paint hand black and press onto card.  Wait for hand print to dry before adding googly eyes.  Add cobwebs to corners of the page.


Cotton bud skeleton

You will need:

-Black & white paper

– Cotton buds

– Black pen



Arrange cotton buds into skelton and glue onto card.  Made skelton head using white paper and a black pen.


October Social Calendar

30th Sept – Term 3 School Holidays Begin

6th October – Ambery Farm Open Day. Located near Mangere Bridge and is free to attend.

11th October – Term 3 School Holidays End

19th – 20th October – Diwali Festival of Lights. Held at Aotea Square, Auckland City and is free to attend.

31st October – Halloween – Get dressed up and go trick or treating