Our story

Rockmybaby® started in 2006 when friends and families asked for childcare solutions. So it began – with babysitters and nannies in New Zealand and quickly expanded with franchises into AustraliaSwitzerlandIsrael and Europe. We are the largest Australasian nanny recruitment service. We launched in Switzerland in late 2012 and LondonIsrael in 2013 and Europe 2015. Early 2015 we added Household staffing recruitment to our services in Switzerland and Europe.

In 2015 with the merge of Rockmybaby® New Zealand and our homebased company, we now offer total childcare solutions caring for children ages ranging from 0 – 17 years, from babysitters, nannies, temp nannies and MoE funded homebased networks across New Zealand. At present there are five licenced homebased networks in NZ (Auckland, Bay of Plenty/Waikato & Hawke’s Bay) with a view to expand into city centres within the foreseeable future.

Online Innovation

We are an innovative online website. Rockmybaby® has rocked the babysitting and nanny world. Our uniqueness has been welcomed by our clients who like our service for the easiness of placing a job: they can book a sitter at 11pm without having to talk to someone over the phone and when a sitter accepts, the client receives the babysitter’s profile which outlines a brief personal history of the sitter before the sitter calls to introduce themselves to the client.

How we help

Rockmybaby® helps with all stages of the recruitment process and will provide ongoing support for both families and nannies. Rockmybaby® ensures that we provide our clients with a personal, professional childcare services to ensure we meet everyone’s requirements from the outset.

We pride ourselves on moving with technology to provide our clients with the most up-to-date and convenient way to book a babysitter or request a nanny.

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