A well-written CV is very important – it represents you

Your CV represents who you are, and is the first point of contact with the family. In order ensure the best chance of being asked for an interview, it is important your CV is well written, formatted properly, spell checked, and informative. It is also desirable if it is aesthetically pleasing.

It’s crucial to review your CV on a regular basis and add any new skills or experience that’s missing.

Explaining a gap in your CV

Whether you’ve been travelling or unemployed, sometimes there can be gaps in your CV. There are legitimate reasons for gaps, and short breaks shouldn’t make a huge difference to your CV.  If you took time out to go travelling, you can describe your cultural experiences, and you may have even worked while you were away .

If you took a prolonged period of time off due to sickness, you shouldn’t have a problem being honest as long as the illness doesn’t affect your ability to do the job. State that, due to a medical condition, you had to take some time away from work but have now returned to full health and are looking to re-enter the workplace. Likewise, if you were made redundant and became unemployed for quite some time, explain that your nanny family or company that you work for had to make cutbacks that unfortunately led to a reduction in hours,days or role.

Every nanny position you want to be put forward for, requires an up-to-date child-related CV attached to your email of interest.

Note on Social Media: Given this connected internet age you can expect that any prospective families will investigate you via the web also. Consider carefully any personal online public profiles on social media such as Facebook. For example, compromising photographs or comments will negatively influence your application with any prospective families.

Full Name

Picture of yourself


D.O.B:  – Nationality:


Write about yourself, any child-care experience you have had, your philosophy and approach to childcare. Include a Personal Statement.

Education and Qualifications

Pediatric First Aid – St Johns    May 2017

Certificate in Child Care and Education    June 2014

Driver’s License (Clean Record) July 2017


Jones Family          Full-time Nanny          February 2015- February 2017

This was a sole charge position in which I cared for a 5-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl. Duties included picking the children up from school and nursery respectively, arranging play dates for the girl, teaching her arts and crafts, taking trips to the park and helping the boy with any homework he may have. This role also involved meal preparation and household duties such as the children’s washing and ironing. (5 days per week)

Reason for Leaving: Girl was to start school full-time and hours decreased significantly.

Family #2          Full-Time Nanny          Date Started – Date Finished

Job description.

Reason for Leaving: One sentence explanation as to why you no longer work for the family.

Family #3          Full-Time Nanny          Date Started – Date Finished

Job description.

Reason for Leaving: One sentence explanation as to why you no longer work for the family.

Interests and Hobbies

Cycling, hiking, travelling, reading and running marathons.


At least two contactable child-related references – make sure you have permission to put their details down and are happy to be contacted.

Rockmybaby® consultants can help with your CV if required. Please see below a sample of a comprehensive child-related CV.

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