Granny THE SUPER Nanny!

What is a Granny Nanny?
A Granny Nanny is an older nanny who is an active senior with the ‘get up and drive’ needed to support a busy family. They have usually raised their own family and could be enjoying their next generation of grandies. There are lots of benefits of being a Granny Nanny, especially for children who have grandparents who have passed on.

Let’s take a look…
A Granny Nanny role is the perfect role for someone who has retired from work but is still wanting to give back to their community. It means they are available at busy times when families really need the extra help, times like: weekends, after school, mornings and special occasions or even on a more regular basis.

It’s common in this busy paced society for both parents to be working, so having a ‘grandparent’ in the house can be invaluable all family members.

“These days traditional families are separated by distance, time and lack of understanding between generations, but programmes that bring children and older adults together could change the whole of society’s outlook” – Catrin Hedd Jones.
Children are the future, Granny Nannies can offer wisdom, knowledge and their experiences to pass down through stories. What child doesn’t love being propped up and listening to a “back in my day story”? If you’re interested and excited about a topic or story, children will naturally be excited with you and eager to listen to your experiences.

Grandmother with granddaughter drawing together

Interactions with youth allow older people to relate to another generation, while learning about what is on trend, new technology and current topical issues. Granny Nannies can be great role models for young children as they are able to invest undivided, quality time in them. This shows children that they are valued and that their thoughts are worthy and meaningful of someone’s time.

There are so many fun and simple learning experiences that you can do with children, while creating memories that they will treasure forever. Such as:

  • Arts & crafts (scrap booking, collage, photos)
  • Baking & cooking (traditional family secret recipes)
  • Local outings (park, library, museum etc)

Children and older mature nannies have such a beautiful natural way of interacting. You often see it at the supermarket or in local community areas like the parks. Watching children totally empowered as they show their elders how things work or how they are able to do something – it is just beautiful! The relationship between both generations is something magical. There is an unhurried and gentle pace about them together – for children we know that this is an optimal learning environment.

So what are you waiting for? Become a Rockmybaby Super Nanny today and make the difference!

Written By Kaya Brophy 

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